February 19, 2010

Things are on track again!!

After long break and rilek of Chinese New Year, I felt better. I felt relieved. I had a very good break during the holidays. Had a chance to met my 2nd brother families after 2 years been a part. Mak's sickness brought unexpected things. Where abang ngah and families taken a chance to balik kg due to mak's conditions. Being a good daugther (which i m still trying to), I had mak to go for medical check up in local gov clinic nearby kampung. Its quite smooth for me to go through all the waiting but not to mak. She's not strong enough or rather not patient enough of waiting. Almost all the time she will complaining of the lateness but I managed to console her to be more patient. An hour time were taken to have bloodpressuring. She's given a slip where she need to check the BP every two days. From that, Dr will then advise if she need further medication or checking.
Both my self and akak taken the responsibility on ensuring that mak is controlling her food intake. And most important things, I have tell her off that the painkiller medication she took w/o prescibing dr approval need to be stop. I have provided her with the more safer pain killer for her knee. The pill will lasting for a month whereby, I will resupply once I m back to kg again next month.
Being an old grumpy lady, it takes all courages from my self and akak to be more patient with her. Often, she will mumbling and pot pet pet2 over small and petty things. 5 days been at kg, I could see her different. Less mumbling, less gossiping. This is a good sign. She did told me that she had a very good slept ever for so long. I guess, the medication she took earlier has influenced many problem in her sleeping habit. Less sleep, less rest and high blood pressure and of course contribute more stress. I can imagine how the steroid table she took has effecting her left brain (as per info i read in internet).
Unexpected gathering with abg ngah and family has made mak happy as well. We took her out for jalan2 in our new avanza. We took her to have her favourite mee goreng mamak in town. We let her having her favourite ABC, buying things that she want most. The bamboo carpet. Most of the day, we are going out either for makan, shopping or jalan2. Believed me, I spent so much money shopping for my self, for SP for kids and for all my nephews. Last but not least of course spending RM and time to have a good facial and SPA!..hu hu hu..what a good massage ..
My kids were also happy to met thier cousins. After so long, not even hari raya. Abg ngah did not balik kg during the raya time for 2 years. My nephews has grown big enough..too big until i could not recognised them at begginning. I still could remember those days, when we have abg ngah first son and first grandchildren for bapak and mak named Fizi..ghee he was so small exactly like amal now..but.. Fizi is a man now. His size even bigger than abang ngah. Welcome to our new family member..Azra. This cute little lady was actually a daughter of abg ngah's sis in law. They have divorced and asked abg ngah and kak ngah to take care of her. Very cute and feminine little lady, she was so excited to have many brothers and sisters who loves her. Who could play with her. Who could gave her full attention. More than her father did!. Abg ngah had treated her so well. She love him very much and even recognised abg ngah and kak ngah as her own abah...her own ummi. Pity face seen at her. She is blessed to have abg ngah and wife as a parents even its not real, they still blood related. Divorce was something nija (kak ngah younger sis) would not expected. After having 11 years of marriage, she had to give her self up. She had to stand alone now. She's now a single mother. Taking care of another 2 sons and had to give Azra away with sad heart. Thanks to technology, where she still could speak to Azra every day, where she could saw her on MMS anytime she wants.......
I can work peacefully and live happily now. Mak condition are good. Nothing for me to worry. Will need to sort many things with amanah raya due to arwah pak saving acc, but i believed things will be going on smooth. Hopefully. Had a chance to go to bapak grave also during the holidays. Had a chance to recite yassin with akak, kids and abang ngah...cant imagine how we missed bapak very much!..may we met in heaven. Insya Allah...
Will continue monitor mak condition via akak. Hope mak will have long live after all..well at least until we bring her to see abg ngah's new house at end May. Thats our promise even we have not telling her this, both my self and akak hope that we will managed to fill mak dream at least...

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